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Acrylic / Glass Care

Cleaning and Repair


Our Cleaner   It has been used extensively in the Sign Writing, Plastic, shop fitting industries, for many years, and the Marine, and Caravan, and industries, and museums  are all now using it. 

Available in RTU 500ml spray bottles or 9/1 concentrate. It was developed for plastic and glass surfaces, from windows, to windscreens, glasses, signs, clears, and even the shower.  It has NO ammonia, or other acrylic damaging chemicals, and will leave the surface smear free, with an antistatic protective coating.


For a copy of our MSDS click here:  SASIGN_AcrylicSheetClnr_MSDS


Acrylic Polish – they were developed to work in harmony with our Cleaner in the removal of fine scratches on Acrylic, and hard plastic substrates


“Heavy” for more significant scratches on Acrylic, and hard plastic substrates  Will easily remove 600 grit wet and dry sandpaper marks after sanding out deep scratches as shown below. An aggressive polish made from a complex grit that breaks down into constantly smaller particles as you use it.  The longer you work it into the surface, the smaller the particles become and the smoother the surface you are working on becomes. 

For a copy of our MSDS click here:  MSDS – SASIGN HEAVY ACRYLIC POLISH


“Light”.  A finishing cream that restores the luster.  Both are available in 200 ml tubs ready to use. 

For a copy of our MSDS click here:  MSDS – SASIGN LIGHT ACRYLIC POLISH



When finished, clean with Sasign’s Acrylic Cleaner to leave an anti-static protective coating.   


De Solv It

Removes adhesive residue, wax, silicone or a large number of other contaminants including grease and tar.  This Citrus based solvent can be used on virtually any surface including skin.  De Solv It will remove protection paper from acrylic sheet in a matter of minutes and is water based.  It is ideal for removing adhesive residue when changing graphics on vehicles or other surfaces, and banners.