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Associated products


Twist connectors black12V Joiners Caps:  Available in 5 sizes and designed for joining 12V LED wires, these quick and easy screw on caps will secure and insulate 12V electrical joints and are quick and easy to use and re-use..

 Please note: Not suitable for 230V AC applications





Female bulkhead Plug

Female Bulkheads:  These 12V Female Bulk head connectors are designed to take a 5.5 X 2.1 X 9.5 Male connector- as fitted to most SAA compliant wall mount power supplies 






Plugs:  5.5 X 2.1 X 9.5 Male and female plugs for joining low voltage components together are all available in packs of 10






Female plug and 300mmm tail


Pre wired Female Tails:  These 12V Female Tail connectors are designed to take a 5.5 X 2.1 X 9.5 Male connector- as fitted to most SAA compliant wall mount power supplies and have a 300mm tail ready for soldering 





Heat Shrink


Heat Shrink:  Cabac.  We stock three sizes 6.4mm (white)  diameter, 4.8mm (Red and black) and 3.2mm (Red and black).  All shrink by 50% – and sold by the 30cm length. -75 to +135 C operating temp range, Highly flexible, Flame retardant, Abrasion and impact resistant. 




New Edging

Acrylic PVC Edging:  Black PVC Edging designed to cap both dual Acrylic (2 X 4.5 mm) blades and 10 mm Acrylic blades.  The middle edge holds the two blades apart and is easily removed with a chisel.  If you want your Acrylic signs to look completely professional, you need to use this product.  For more pictures and info, please refer to the edge-lighting section




LED on off switch

12V Rocker switches: Available in 4 colors, with LED light, suitable for much much more than just LED lighting jobs.  These versatile switches simply push through a 19mm (3/4 inch)  hole, and can be used with or without the LED light.




Electrical plugs


Two Pin plugs: for joining  LED Bars / strips or any 12 Volt application up to 5.0 Amps.  Available in bags of 25, Available in white,  Black / Red color sets. Supplied complete with tails ready to be solder




Stainless steel hanging cableStainless steel hanging system

 Hanging kits:  Our extrusions and Edge lit units are designed to work with our made custom feet, for standing up (see picture gallery) or fixings to hang from either the ceiling or wall- Please review our Edge-Lit pegs.  We can even help with a custom hanging system for your edge lit sign, be it fixed both ends, fixed one end, or suspended.