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Mini Lighting Unit

Dimensions: 50 mm high, 33 mm across (at the widest point), and up to 3200 mm in length.

Designed to fit an acrylic blade up to 10 mm thick (or a combination of thinner blades to a total thickness of 10 mm). If your artwork is being prepared on 12mm acrylic, or your signs are larger, then our Standard extrusion should be used.  For more information about our Standard Extrusion lighting units, click here

We hold stocks of Mill finish extrusion (suitable for Powder Coating or painting), Clear and Gold Anodized. Other colors by special order

For examples of Edge-lit signs utilizing our mini extrusion lighting units see our image gallery.

Our system is designed to take a variety of LED lighting options as the light source, and each lighting assembly is manufactured to the desired length up to 3.2 meters long.  

This extrusion is the perfect solution for hanging or portable Point of Sale and they can be supplied with matching feet. 

The Light throw, from the lighting unit is dependent on the acrylic thickness, amount of fill, depth of CNC cut, and colors used in the artwork.  Dual units can be employed for larger signs.  We stock a wide variety of LED lighting colors including RGB (color changing LEDs complete with remote control unit) and can advise the most appropriate way to achieve the desired results. Mini Extrusion turned on

All units are dispatched complete with all the associated components for assembly, the hanging fixtures, and the appropriate LED Driver.  Simply marry your artwork (edgelit-assembly-ppp-2016). Hang, and plug in.  No electrician required. 

All lighting units are manufactured in our Gold Coast Factory, personally inspected, and tested before being dispatched – usually within 24 hrs of order/payment.