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NEW- Our single sided Indoor light box strips are designed for single sided light Boxes from 4 to 40CM deep. 

  • Rigid Non waterproof aluminium strip
  • 12 X Cree 3030 chips per strip- 336 Lumens per L/ M
  • Defined beam angle of 170 degrees
  • 1000mm long X 17mm wide
  • fixed in place by flat head screw
  • Quick and easy to install – No electrician required
  • Very low color differentiation – 6000K +- 500
  • Full 5 year warranty





2.8 Edgelit module


Our Double sided Outdoor lightbox LED modules are designed to light from the perimeter and can be used from 100mm deep (single sided) and 150mm (double sided) 

  • 70 mm long X 30 mm wide
  • Osram (synonymous with quality) 2.8 Watt LED chip
  • Defined beam angle specifically for Edge-lighting Light-boxes- 65 X 12 Degrees (both single and double sided)
  • High efficiency, High temperature tolerance
  • very low color differentiation (6000K +-500),
  • Safe 12VDC, Waterproof (IP65)
  • quick and easy to install, sold pre-wired only what you require.
  • Full 5 year warranty

Easy to use installation and Power Supply guides.

Save time and money as these are very quick and easy to install, sold pre-wired, and only what you require. Contact us directly with your Light Box dimensions and we will quote (and sell) you the number that your light box requires, match the Power Supply and make the LED harness so you only buy what you need.  

Or – as a general Rule:

For Light Boxes less than 600mm high:

Apply LEDs Top OR bottom only- 150mm spacing for single sided- 125mm spacing – double sided

For Light Boxes between 600mm and 1.0 m high:

Apply LEDs Top AND bottom – 150mm spacing for single sided- 125mm spacing – double sided

For Light Boxes more than 1.0 m high:

Apply LEDs Top, Bottom, and Both Ends 150mm spacing for single sided- 125mm spacing – double sided


 Specially developed for outdoor light-box illumination whose depth is >80mm (single sided illumination) and >150mm (double-sided illumination)

layout in lightbox

 Supplied Aust wide with 5 year warranty 

For More detailed specifications click here –7030W1B

Designed and custom made especially for light box applications