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Blue Flexible LED Reels

Using the latest generation of 2835 chip, our flexible strip lighting provides significantly improved:

  • reliability
  • efficiency
  • heat dissipation
  • light decay over the much older technology widely available.


Our Flex strips use the same substrate (FPC)  as laptops and other electronic components where reliability is essential, there are NO solder points which are prone to short circuit on the underside.  Our Flexible strips are also Waterproof  (IP65) using a (PU) coating for durability and flexibility.  Chips are placed at 60 per meter and  Strips can be cut at 3 chip intervals, and joined.   All strips are 8mm wide, with 120 degrees viewing angle,  Draw of 12.7W /M; Max operating temp range of -40 to +60C , Up to a max linear 5.0M in series, before we recommend the use of an amplifier, which we can also supply

BlueWith a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defect, you can rest assured that Sasign’s range of flexible strip lighting will provide you with the reliability you need.

Blue:  1200 Lumens/M

And we can match each purchase to the correct waterproof LED Driver or wall mount LED Driver.

Ph 07 5564 9930

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