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3528 Slimline Series – Colored – 4mm wide



All our LED Strips are manufactured to our specifications to ensure durability and long life

Our slimline series all share the following attributes:

  • Mounted on fibreglass PCB ( Printed circuit board- for reliability)
  • Measure 500 mm in length and just 4 mm wide.
  • Employ Epistar chips- recognised for quality
  • 3M 200 468 high performance insulated double sided tape making their installation quick, easy, effective and reliable
  • A Full 5 Year Warranty
  • Our Slimline LED strips use a new single diode chip – 3528.  The colour is constant (doped) and the light angle measures and impressive 160 degrees making them ideal for any application where the consistent colour illumination is important).
  • 90 chips per Meter with just 250 mAmps Current draw (white) per strip and 6-7 lumens per LED.  Other colours have different draws

They are available in White (6000k),  Red, Green, Blue and amber. 20150902_130058

Each LED strip can be cut at 34 mm intervals and can joined – to a total of 10 strips in series, (or up to 20 when powered from the centre or both ends)  without voltage drop impacting on their performance.

This pic demonstrates just how thin our slimline strips are, when compared to the industry standard 10mm wide strip above itslimline compare
We can also match your purchase to the most appropriate Australian Standards Approved 12 Volt LED Driver (Power Pack) for safety and reliability.

If we cant stand behind it, we simply wont sell it