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5050 LED strips – Super Bright Series

20141217_142913Our strips are manufactured to our specifications to ensure durability and long life. 


Our Super Bright LED Strip lighting has the following attributes:

  • Mounted on fibreglass PCB ( Printed circuit board), reducing open / short circuits associated with flexible LED strip lighting.  If it is flexibility you need, please review or range of Flexible LED Reels or waterproof modules
  • 5050 sized chip – 60 per meter.  We stock  white 6000K +-500K, warm white 3500K +-500K, Pink, Indigo, Green, Red and Blue, RGB and the light angle measures 120 degrees
  • 500mm long,10mm wide, cuttable every 50mm, extendable to 8 strips in series, or 16, when powered from the centre
  •  NO Solder pads underside which prevents short circuiting when mounted against a metallic surface.
  • We specify Epistar LED chips – a recognised market leader for quality
  • Supplied with 3M 468 high performance double sided tape making their installation quick, easy, effective and reliable
  • A full 5 Year Warrantysb-5050-led-strips

We will match your purchase to the most suitable constant voltage, switching type, Australian Standards Approved, LED Driver (Power Supply) for safety and reliability.