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Power supply- LED Drivers 101

All Drivers (power packs) sold by us comply with the Australian Safety Standards, and are of the switching mode type (electronically controlled) to ensure that the power supplied is constant at 12 Volts, for complete compatibility to our LEDs.

Constant Voltage LED Drivers may be rated at a specific current draw, but, this denotes their max performance and they work most efficiently when loaded at  between 75-85% of their rated current draw.  They are NOT designed to work at full load continuously.

All our Wall Plug Drivers now have a 24 mth replacement warranty (when used in accordance with the above), and where we supply the LEDs.  We will also match the correct Driver, based on the tested load prior to dispatch.Wall plug Transformers

We also stock a comprehensive range of 12 V 30-200W Waterproof Drivers – All covered by a 3 Year warrantycv12v-range