5 Amazing Coloured LED Strips Garden Lighting Ideas

Coloured LED strips

Garden is the major attraction of a house, and when there is a lawn everyone likes to spend quality moments. Coloured LED strips are the current sensation, they are rapidly rising due to the energy saving options. It is worth to decorate your patio, the garden trees and the sitting area with these beauties.

Garden Lightening Tips with Coloured LED strips

  1. Easy to decorate the trees  :  Coloured LED strips are certainly safe and you can use them to decorate the trees in your garden. Simply stick the strip all around the tree bark. Yellow and white lights are best to beautify the trees of your garden.
  1. Relight the entry path to your house : Christmas is near and surely there will be a party. Therefore, the best way to welcome guests is by beautifully decorating the pathways.
  1. Use Old Lamp Shades : Take some old Lamp Shade that is no longer in use, fill those with RGB or Coloured LED strips. Wow! You have got some rich garden accessories to enrich your flower beds. Just scatter the glowing orbs around your garden.
  1. Make the sitting area glow : Garden Decor offers peace and asserts positive feeling in the mind. In fact, you can also see it as an escape from the mundane lifestyle. Stick the LED strips by the corner of the chairs and tables in a combination of green, red, purple.
  1. Decorate the Fences : The fences must look lavish and only Coloured LED strips can be the special ornament. You can simply stick the lamps with glue.