Confused With What LED Driver to Choose, Here Comes the Rescue

LED Drivers

Many people do not know what kind of LED drivers they must choose for their devices. They do not understand the whole purpose of these drivers, which results in device failure because of high voltage.

There are so many LED drivers available that are designed for specific purposes. You can also find a waterproof LED driver in markets. So, here is the guide so that you can choose the perfect one for your devices.

What is an LED driver?

You can refer an LED driver as a transformer or a power supply which is self-contained. This power supply matches output with the current and voltage requirements of a particular device that it serves. When you use the right LED driver for your device, you will not get any issue with that device. So, this is the reason why you must choose the right LED driver.

Types of LED drivers

LED drivers are available in various shapes and sizes, but it is not necessary that all will be suitable for your device. There are two types of these drivers, namely, plug & play and mains ready.

Plug and play: They are designed so that installation can be done easily and quickly. It also requires minimal expertise. A standard UK 3 pin plug is used to connect the main supply with this type of drivers.

Mains ready: It requires advanced installation and hardwired into household mains directly.

How to choose the right LED driver?


The size of an LED driver is measured in terms of a watt. Moreover, this must match with power consumption or in other words, a load of LED strip lights.


You need to find out what is the voltage requirement of your device and accordingly choose the drive which will best work on it. If you do not have the idea about the voltage requirement of your device, you can take the help of internet or the store from where you purchased the machine.

Power outlet

Before you and onto any driver, you must verify the type of power outlet that you are using. It will give an idea what sort of products you need to buy and from where. And, if you buy the right driver, you would not face a problem in its installation. These products are easy to use. But, if you still encounter difficulties, take the help of expert professionals who can do the work efficiently for you. They know how a particular electrical system works. So, you must not take the risk as they are electrical products.

Read the instructions carefully

To pick the right choice for your device, you can always make time so that you can read all the instructions carefully. If you do so, you can avert any mishaps to you and your devices. You can read the specifications and features of LED drivers to get the idea which one you should buy over the internet. You can browse the websites of service providers who sell LED accessories and drivers to read the instructions and about the product in detail to get the idea.