How to Fix LED Dimmer Remote Controlled and Its Benefits

LED Dimmer Remote Controlled

The Lighting system is so much efficient nowadays that we have moved from incandescent bulbs to energy efficient CFL and LED bulbs. The LED Users faced a lot of problems when they tried to dim the power. In most of the homes, the common light controls are through a simple ON and OFF switch. This means that if it a daytime, or night, or in the middle of the midnight you get the same amount of light whether you need it or not. The remote controlled dimmers control the light property and adjust it according to your requirement.

Throughout the history of lighting, problems tend to emerge with every new technology. Similarly LED lights are reported to be too bright, but again technology invented the LED Dimmer switch that is controlled by remotes. Dimming provides easy and reliable control of your lights, shades and temperature using the switch, remote and even app.

Ways to Fix LED Dimmer Remote Control Lamp

To fix a LED Dimmer Remote Controlled switch in your room or house, first choose a replacement switch, don’t forget to turn off the power at your circuit breaker box or fuse box. Next, remove the old switch without touching the wires. Check the circuit with a voltage tester. Do connect all the wires from the old switch.

There are two types of Dimmer – the standard Single-Pole Dimmer and the three-way switch.

When it comes to standard Single-Pole Dimmer, connect each wire to a house wire by gripping the ends with a pair of pliers. Twist them together and tighten the nut over each pair of wire ends.

Secondly, when it comes to the three-way switch cut a ¾ inch of the casing from the end of the house wires and the dimmer wires. Connect the ground wire to the green or bare copper wire in the switchboard. Join all the tagged common wire and remove the electrical tape.

Next, attach the two remaining traveller wires separately and fix it with a screwdriver.

Technical tasks like fixing the dimmers and working upon switchboards are better left upon the experienced electricians. As messing out with electricity can lead to short circuits. So, always follow the safety tricks.

Here are a few benefits of using LED Dimmer

  • The dimmer offers smooth dimming without any flickering.
  • Helps in controlling the quantity of light according to specific tasks, moods, or situations.
  • Each LED dimmer can control 4 different zones synchronously with endless receivers.
  • Increase the longevity of LEDs.
  • Easily to switch between task lighting and accent lighting.
  • Saves a lot of power.

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