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So why the product articles written by Sasign International?

We regularly release marketing style information to our primary customer base through newsletters that are emailed directly.  However, they do not fullfil the role of educating interested parties on a holistic level.

We fell that as a national supplier to a range of allied industries, we have a responsibility to not only know our product, but to share our knowledge to the wider community.

The product articles written by Sasign International allow us to enlighting, and educate on a holistic and generic basis.  If you may find our writing stirs you on to learn more about the subject matter at hand- thats great.  We hope it does.

If you want more information pertaing to our products, you can always contact us by either email of phone.

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Signage – Lighting a Lightbox

The issue The greatest issue when lighting a lightbox described.  Unlike florescent tubes, LED chips are usually mounted on a flat surface projecting...

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How Edge – Lighting works in signage

Sasign International was the first business to focus solely on Edge-lit signage. We introduced it in 1992 and for 25 years, we owned the business. Our...

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How RGB LEDs work and the Benefits ?

Firstly,  RGB stands for Red, Blue, Green, and designates that configuration in one of two ways.  Either a 5050 triple chip LED or three single chip...