Acrylic and glass Care products

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Acrylic and glass Care products

Sasign has developed it own range of Acrylic and glass Care Products to satisfy the demands and requirements of Australias Signage industry

Sasign Cleaner

For an Acrylic Edge-lit Sign to look its best, it must be clean.  VERY CLEAN.

When you buy an Acrylic cleaner in a can, its expensive, and they dont all work as well as claimed.  Given Sasign’s close association with lighting Acrylic, we developed our own.  Working closely with a chemist, we perfected a water based formula which is as good as anything in a can.  Its safe and easy to use, and just a fraction of the cost.  Its as good on glass as it is on plastic, making it ideal for almost any plastic, or glass surface.  It contains a very small amount of silicon so leaves a fine covering on the surface to reduce dust build up and repeal water.

Some of our biggest customers are Acrylic retailers who sell the oppostions product, but use ours.

Acrylic Polish

One of the most devastating things that can and does happen is scratching an acrylic sign either before or during the intall. That imperfection is essentuated when lit up.

It used to be very hard to find a suitable grinding paste for polishing out scratches in Acrylic.  So hard that we commissioned our chemist to create one, and we ended up creating two.


The first with a special compound that starts out coarse, and the longer its rubbed in, the finer it gets.  Its simply the best product on the market but its not available in any shop.  We call this product our Heavy compound Polish.


The second polish is a finishing cream, its actually our biggest seller, and used for the finishing work.  Yes, there are other products out there, but None of them was designed for, and will polish as finely as this formula.  It is even used by Acrylic sign fabricators instead of flame polishing.

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