Cantilever Shelf Bracket

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Cantilever Shelf Bracket

Its called The Anchor.  Its a Strong and asthetically pleasing cantilever, or floating shelf bracket manufactured by Sasign International.  It is also capable of being used in conjunction with LED lighting.

It is manufactured in Australia and employes ‘hardened’ virgin alluminium which has been engineered for strength.  The Anchor shelf bracket is available in Clear anodised finish, or either black or white powder coated 2.5M lengths.

Ideal for a huge assortment of uses, it is designed with a 16mm mouth,  which means it will take any standard sheet of 16mm material. The spine  supports the shelf equally along its entire length. making the weak point- Your fixings! No other cantilever shelf bracket of this design is as strong, or verstile.

It can also be employed with Pixalux defuser panels, or we can manufacture a similar shelf lighting product to suit.

Ideal for bar and other lighting projects, when used with 10mm hardened glass and packed out with 2 X 3mm acrylic spacers.  With this configuration, LED strip lighting can be installed along the spine.

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