LED Control Gear Range

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LED Control Gear Range

We stock a diverse range of LED Controllers – for both color-changing LED (RGB) Control & for on/off dimmers for single-colored LED Control

We are NOT aligned to any ONE specific brand and research each product to perform the task required rather than limit ourselves to their offerings.  With long-standing supply arrangements with a small number of high-end primary producers, if we don’t hold it in stock, we can get it.   This means we deliver, from our stock, quality genuine products for most LED installs. so we can ensure your system has the attributes that you want.

There are a number of different things that should be considered before buying control gear.  This is where most people get it wrong- right from the beginning.

Technical considerations

Do you want:

IF, RF, Wifi, Blue tooth, or a hard-wired LED controller?  If you don’t understand how these differ, we do, so come talk to us.

Do you:

need a waterproof LED Controller?

know what outside conditions might affect the components?

know what the current draw of the circuit will be?

want to control zones or just one circuit?

want a locked or unlocked system?

know if your circuit single-colored or RGB?

have the features you are looking for in the remote?

Peace of mind

You don’t need to be a technical genius to answer these questions because you should be dealing with one!  We ask the right questions so that we can recommend the best solution for your project.  We even provide installation drawings and can pre-wire where possible.  For a downloadable spec sheet of the range- Click here

Our range of LED Controllers provides us with a solution for every system we sell. That’s the right set up for the intended use. Put simply- For a trouble-free system, You should buy your LED controllers and LED dimmers from us.

Strip Lighting

Our strip lighting is purchased directly from the primary producer and where possible manufactured to our specifications, so,  if you buy it from us, you might pay a little more, but the cost will be quickly forgotten with a genuine 3-year warranty and years of trouble-free use.

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