LED RGB Digital Products

LED RGB Digital Products are different in their action because every LED can be programmed to function differently from the rest, at the same time.  This is achieved by a Program fed down a data line from the digital controller.

LED Digital products can be identified by having 3 solder pads, or wires at the end.  One positive power feed+  and 1 negative power feed-  and a third ‘DATA’ line, which is directional.

RGB LED strip lighting is traditionally analog. They are designed to all change color in unison. If this is what you are seeking – Click here

For LED Digital products, Each LED (or group of LEDs) has its own microprocessor, which receives dedicated information on the data line.  This microprocessor varies the power/resistance in each circuit within each LED, – the brightness of that chip will change, affecting the overall output color of that LED.  This allows for the chasing of the lights, and an array of other patterns to be formed.

The LED itself is the same as in analog lighting.  There are now several different RGB LEDs on the market, although the 5050 LED is still the most popular. They all have 3 connections on opposite sides of the LED.  2 connections (in-out) for each color: RED, BLUE, GREEN.

We stock both Digital LED flexible strips and also nodes/bullets as they are commonly referred to.

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