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LED Product Range

LED strips – LED modules and now pixel lighting.  The whole range of Acrylic Edge Lighting extrusions we market was perfectly suited to LEDs, so we were one of Australia’s first manufacturers to migrate to them.  All of our products have been exclusively lit by LED since 2011.

LED Strip lighting

We have worked directly with strip manufacturers since 2011, That long term relationship resulted in better-LED strip specifications – right across the LED industry.   Our innovations have even been adopted by our competition.

We stock 3 Series of Rigid strips: Super Bright, Economy, and a Slimline Rigid Strips,

These are complimented with our Flexible product: IP 22, 65, and 67 rated LED strip lighting- Both analog and digital.

It was through our association and co-operation with ‘our’ strip manufacturing factories that we were introduced to LED Modules in 2013.

Modules are more flexible and reliable in all but edge-lighting signage applications, where they can not be used.

  • Being solid-state translates to being more reliable than flexible strip lighting
  • Being connected by wires means they can be used around corners on the same plain.

Each module we sell has a specification sheet attached to that page (under the tab ‘additional information’. Use the chart on that page to calculate the number of modules required per sq/m. You can also work out the correct LED driver size…..   Or you can email us–  the dimensions and we will formally quote the project.

LED Digital Lighting

We have just launched digital LED products in the form of both flexible strip lighting and Pixel strings.  Mated to our WS2811 controller, you have 133 different installed programs and chasing sequences to pick from.

Double-Sided LightBox Modules

We introduced the 7030W1B  module specifically designed to Edge-light a double-sided lightbox, in 2015.  Our current generation Edge-lit module is at the forefront of both performance and reliability.

Single-Sided LightBox illumination

There are two solutions for the backlighting of single-sided lightboxes, IP22 and IP65, which can now be as shallow as just 5cm deep.  That’s due to special lenses paired with special LEDs – No hot spots – just clean consistent light across the surface. That’s our 4035W1B module

Channel letters and halo lighting

We stock a range of Modules for Channel letters and creating halo effects.- 4 different modules with the same LED chips so you know that the color will be consistent- 6000k

All modules are sold by the quantity required, as opposed to by the bag – that way you only pay for what you need.  Where possible and to simplify the installation, we pre-configure each LED harness before dispatch – we do this at no cost.

We will also match your purchase to the correctly rated LED Driver, so you can be assured that it’s done right, once.

You are being supported by one of Australia’s leading suppliers of commercial quality LED strips, Modules, and associated LED products.

Sasign is a family-owned Australian business. Our business is about service.  Peace of mind is a small cost over buying online from a trader with no reputation to uphold.

For direct access to LED strips – LED modules and pixel lighting specification sheets:

Spec sheet- Rigid strips

Spec sheet LED Flex Strip Lighting

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