Led strips and Modules

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Led strips and Modules

Sasign International was one of Australias first users of LED strips – LED Modules with a complete move to LED lighting in 2011.  Sasign’s range of Acrylic Edge Lighting products are well suited to LED Strip use.  All our products have been exclusively lit by LED, since that time.

Sasign works closely with its suppliers.  That is directly with the factory, on developing strips that are safe, reliable and perform well for our own product Range.  It is through this association that we were introduced to LED Modules in 2013.

Sasign was one of the first to launch an LED module specifically designed to Edge-light a double sided lightbox.  Our current generation Edge-lit module is still at the forefront of performance.

Sasign offers two solutions for single sided lighboxes, which can be as narrow as just 5cm deep.  Thats due to special lenses paired with special LEDs inside our Light Box modules.

Sasign also stocks a range of Modules for Channel letters and creating halo effects behind.

We have since developed a solid customer base for the supply of LEDs in a variety of configurations and for specialist use.

Every module has a specification sheet, which can be used to calculate the number required per sq/m and the correct LED driver size.  To simplify the process even further, Sasign will, where possible, pre configure the strings to simplify the install.

You wont be buying your LED Modules by the bag.  You will be buying what you need, matched to the correct LED Driver.  Supported by one of Australias leading suppliers of commercial LED strips – LED Modules and associated products. That peace of mind makes the small cost  over buying online from a trader worth every cent.

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