Developed specially for cleaning acrylic, plastic and glass surfaces.   It is ideal for everything from windows, to windscreens, your glasses, acrylic / vinal signs, plastic clears, and even the shower.


Sasigns’ Acrylic Cleaner is a very effective alternative to some other far more expensive cleaning products.

Dont underestimate how good this cleaner is.  Its easily applied, and removed with a soft cloth, taking with it, the contaminants and leaving just a fine film of silicon as protection from dust and water marks.

Our cleaner should always be applied after any repairs using our polishes.  For information on our:

‘Heavy’ Polish

‘Light’ Polish

Our Acrylic Cleaner is used extensively in the Sign Writing, Plastics fabrication, and shop fitting industries for many years.   Marine, and Caravan industries, and several museums have also caught on.

It is available in RTU 500ml spray bottles or can be purchased it as a 500ml 9/1 concentrate, for refills.




Click here for the MSDS:SASIGN_AcrylicSheetClnr_MSDS

It has NO ammonia, or other acrylic damaging chemicals, and will leave the surface smear free, with an anti-static protective coating

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