Removes adhesive residue, wax, silicone and a large number of other contaminants including grease, tar and wax.


The fact is, De-solve-It is the world’s best Multi-Purpose Cleaner. De-solve-It will tackle any cleaning challenge like removing that stubborn, sticky label or acrylic protection paper.

  • Citrus based solvent cleaner for degreasing, dewaxing and adhesive removal tasks
  • No overwhelming vapours and requires no protective clothing
  • Safe to use on metals, glass, tiles/formica, wood surfaces, ceramics, clothing/fabrics and many plastics
  • De Solv It will help remove protection paper from acrylic sheet in a matter of minutes and is water soluable. It is ideal for removing adhesive residue when changing graphics on vehicles or other surfaces, and banners.

This Citrus based solvent can be used on virtually any surface including skin.


WE MANUFACTURE TO ORDER Using a number of mated components ensuring a clean quality look to compliment the artwork, structural integrity and reliability.

The standard Unit is designed to take acrylic blades up to 12 mm thick (or a combination of thinner blades to a total thickness of 12 mm).  If your desired acrylic thickness is 10mm or less, we also have a ‘mini’ Extrusion and should be considered. For information on our Mini extrusion light units: Click here

We hold stocks in Mill finish (suitable for Powder Coating, or painting), Clear and Gold Anodised, Black and white. Other colours by special order. Each lighting unit is tailor made to any length up to 3.2 meters long.

Our system is designed to use LEDs as the lighting source. We hold 10 colours of LEDs (manufactued to our specifications) in stock .

The Light throw, from the lighting unit is dependent on the acrylic thickness, amount of fill, depth of CNC cut, and colours used in the artwork.   Dual lighting units can be employed for larger signs and can advise the most appropriate way to achieve the desired results.

When we sell something, we service it too.  That means from the moment you start talking to us, we will help you through the process of making your sign.  Extrusion, Acrylic, LED colour options, artwork, sign size, install advice and options, and of course, if you are manufacturing the sign, an assembly guide.   After all, if your sign impresses your customers, then its a safe bet, that we have accomplished our objectives.

All units are dispatched complete with an assembly kit, and the appropriate LED Driver.

Simply marry your artwork Edge-lit assembly  Hang, and plug it in. No electrician required.

For extra stability, In the case of units being stood up, feet can be supplied. (please inform us at time of order).

We can also manufacture the standard extrusion Light unit with a re-chargeable battery and or RGB controller.

All units are manufactured in our Gold Coast Factory, personally inspected, and tested before being dispatched – usually within 24 hrs of order/payment.

Dimensions: 89 mm high, 52 mm across (at the widest point), and up to 3200 mm in length. 

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