For Double-sided Lightboxes more than 15cm deep, this is our most cost-effective way of effectively lighting them


Our Double-Sided Lightbox Module is a stand out in the sign industry.   It is designed and engineered for reliably Edge Lighting a double-sided lightbox.  This is our second generation of Lightbox LED Module keeping abreast of the latest technology.  It is ideally suited to lightboxes between 15cm -25cm deep (between the two signage surfaces).

Waterproof to IP 65 rating, it produces 280 Lumens of clean white 6000k light.  This module uses a lens to project the light in a very narrow beam so that it bounces light off the opposing frame edge, before hitting the sign surface. This way it is secondary light which is better defused, hitting the sign surface.  Primarily used for all new, it can also be used on some older double-sided lightboxes.   If your Lightbox is Single-sided, or you are retrofitting an existing lightbox that still requires the internal framing used for the fluoro tubes, you should consider using our single-sided option back to back.  For more info – click here

Email us the lightbox dimensions:  Length, height, and depth and we will work out your requirements, including matched Power supply.  We only sell you the specific quantity that you require, we will also pre-wire the LED harnesses, including soldering the joins, including the layout plan so that the install is simple- all for free.

Or call us: 07 5564 9930. We have literally sold 10s of thousands of this Double-Sided Lightbox Module and never had a reported failure.  To follow new product releases click to our FB page

We don’t buy on Price and Nor should you

This LED is configured in such a way that it MUST always be used in groups of three (3)

The formula for working out the qty required is as a general Rule:

For Light Boxes less than 600mm high:

Apply LEDs Top OR bottom only- 150mm spacing for single sided- 125mm spacing – double sided

For Light Boxes between 600mm and 1.0 m high:

Apply LEDs Top AND bottom – 150mm spacing for single sided- 125mm spacing – double sided

For Light Boxes more than 1.0 m high:

Apply LEDs Top, Bottom, and Both Ends 150mm spacing for single sided- 125mm spacing – double sided

For full specifications please clicke here: Spec sheet 7030W1B

Once you know how many Modules you need, to determine what size Power Supply you require to run them,  Simply click here: LED to power pack spreedsheet

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