Waterproof LED STRIPS- Digital

High Quality 5 Meter Reels


SASIGN WP Flex RGB Digital

Flexible Digital LED Strip lighting developed specifically for commercial applications.  This is how we can support them with a full 3 years warranty.  For regularly updated pictures and product launches, please click on our FB page

Digital RGB LEDs each have a microcontroller. Data is sent to each chip so each chip can be individually programmed which translates to different lighting effects – 1 X Power feed, 1 X Earth wire, 1 X data line (three wires)

For full specifications on the range please click the ‘Additional Information tab, where a specifications sheet can be downloaded

Our Flexible Digital LED Strip lighting is the ideal choice when you need reliability and performance and are supplied with an industry-best warranty of 3 years.

If you want even more flexibility you should consider our Digital Pixel nodes by going back one tab.  To view our digital Controller range of products:  digital controller


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