High Quality 5 Meter Reels


Our LED Strip lighting (flexible) was developed specifically for commercial applications which is why we can support them with a full 3 years warranty.  For regularly updated pictures and product launches, please click to our FB page


Our Non-waterproof range is IP22 rated.  Each roll ( red, green, blue, or white 6000k)  is 5M long X 5mm wide so is ideal for fitment to smaller areas and they employ 90 X 3528 chips perM.


We stock 6 colors rated to the IP65 standard (white, red, blue, green amber, Ultra Violet, and RGB-color changing) Each roll is 5 meters long X 10mm wide and they employ 60 X 5050  chips perM.  We use Epoxy Glue as the sealant which is better than the cheaper epoxy resin that turns yellow with age.

We stock 2 colors rated to the IP68 standard.  White-6000k and RGB-color changing.  These two strips are enclosed in a silicon tube pumped full of epoxy glue.

Full specifications on the range please click the ‘Additional Information tab, where a specifications sheet can be downloaded

Our Flexible LED Strips are the ideal choice when you need reliability and performance and are supplied with an industry-best warranty of 3 years.

If you want even more reliable products, you should consider our  ‘Rigid’ strips or modules which can be accessed by going back one tab. 

Super Bright Series

Economy Range

Slimeline (4mm wide)


We don’t buy on Price, and nor should you

We stock:

IP22 (non waterproof) 5mm wide, 3528 chip X 90 per/M, 4 colours- Blue, Green, Red, White 6000k

IP65 (waterproof) 10mm wide, 2835 chip X 60 per/M, 5 Colours- Blue, Red, Green, Amber, white 6000k

IP65 (waterproof) 10mm wide, 5050 chip X 60 per/M – RGB

IP67 (waterproof) 12mm wide, 12mm wide 2835 chip X 60 per/M – white 6000k, and   5050 chip X 60 per/M – RGB,

For specifications – please click here:  Spec sheet- Rigid strips


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