High Quality 5 Meter Reels


Our LED strip Lighting has been developed directly with the factory  for commercial applications where failure, and poor performance are undesirable.  With 5 colours and RGB they are manufactured to the highest standars.  They are the ideal choice when you need reliability and performance and are supplied with an industry best warranty of 3 years.

We don’t buy on Price, and nor should you

We stock:

IP22 (non waterproof) 5mm wide, 3528 chip X 90 per/M, 4 colours- Blue, Green, Red, White 6000k

IP65 (waterproof) 10mm wide, 2835 chip X 60 per/M, 5 Colours- Blue, Red, Green, Amber, white 6000k

IP65 (waterproof) 10mm wide, 5050 chip X 60 per/M – RGB

IP67 (waterproof) 12mm wide, 12mm wide 2835 chip X 60 per/M – white 6000k, and   5050 chip X 60 per/M – RGB,

For specifications – please click here:  Spec sheet- Rigid strips


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