LED MODULES for Channel letters

LED MODULES for Channel letters

Our range of Waterproof (IP65) LED Modules have been developed for commercial applications where failure, and poor performance are unacceptable.


Our range of Waterproof LED Modules for Channel Letters was developed for Signage applications.  With 4 configurations employing between 3 and 9 X Epistar 3528 chips per module, and 5 colours of the 72 Lumens variant available.  They have been manufactured to the highest standards so their reliabilty is oustanding.

Our LED Modules for Channel Letters are the ideal choice for Channel letters and smaller light boxs. They are not the cheapest, (but then you only buy what you need- not by the bag) and we believe they are the best quality product on the market.

  • We specify the same Epistar chip across the entire range – for consistancy of color, viewing angle and lumins output
  • We opted for lower output chips with bigger solder pads, for lower temperatures and bigger solder connections, ensuring their relibility.
  • Each specification sheet has a simple to read table to determine the number required per sq/M for FULL ullumination without hotspots (see additional info below)
  • Specification sheets all have tables to select the quanty required with the most suitable LED Driver
  • We use Epoxy Glue, not resin, so they wont yellow with age
  • The whole range have an IP65 waterproof rating.
  • Our name is on the module – We are so confident.

We don’t buy on Price, and nor should you

For detailed specifications:

3807W3B- 24 lumins: Spec sheet 3807W3B Mini Module

4815W3B- 24 lumens: Spec sheet 4815W3B

7815W6B- 48 lumens: Spec sheet 7815W6B

7815W9B- 72 Lumens: Spec sheet 7815W9B

A Maximum of 25 LED Modules can be used in series.  If using more, they should be configured in Parallel to prevent voltage drop, which will show as dimmer LEDs along the line

Click here to select the correct LED Driver size: LED to power pack spreedsheet

Installation manual: SASIGN LED Installation Manual

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