For Single Sided light boxes more than 6cm deep.  This is our most cost effective way of lighting a single sided lightbox.


This back lighting LED module – lightboxes is specifically designed and engineered for Single Sided light boxes.  It is Waterproof (IP65), produce 200 Lumen and has a special lense designed to spread the light over a full 175 degrees.  This translates to evenly spread light without Hot spots when backlighting greater than 6cm deep.

This also means that this back lighting LED module – lightboxes can be used when retro-fitting Light boxes.    It can also be used back to back on a sheet of white ACM, placed in the centre of a double sided lightbox, as long as there are 6cm minimun depth on each side.

For double sided and more than 150mm deep, to see details on our 7030W1B module here: Double Sided Lightbox Module

For single sided, deeper than 4cm  AND NOT exposed to the elements, then please refer to our INDOOR light box Solution: Single SideLightbox- Non waterproof

We don’t buy on Price, and nor should you

Our 4035W1B module is Specially developed for Single sided light-box (back lit) illumination whose depth is >60mm for single sided illumination.  For more information – click here: Spec sheet 4035W1B


At 60-80mm deep- 25 Modules per square Metre

At 80-100mm deep- 16 Modules per square Metre

Once you know how many Modules you need, Simply click here:LED to power pack spreedsheet to determine what size Power Supply you require to run the number of modules you require.

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