For Single Sided light boxes more than 6cm deep.  This is our most cost effective way of lighting a single sided lightbox.


This Single-Sided Lightbox Module is designed and engineered for Single-Sided lightbox use.  It is Waterproof (IP65), produces 200 Lumen, and has a special lens to spread the light evenly to eliminate hotspots.  This translates to evenly spread consistent light when backlighting greater than 6cm deep.

We also supply matched LED Power supplies and for more info on our range, click here

This also means that this Single-Sided Lightbox Module is the best solution when retro-fitting older Lightboxes.    It can also be used back to back on a sheet of white ACM, placed in the center of a double-sided lightbox, as long as there is 6cm minimum depth on each side.- Often the best option when retro-fitting a lightbox that had Fluoro tubes installed and the lighting frame can not be removed.

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For double-sided lightboxes more than 150mm deep, you can also use our 7030W1B module here: Double-Sided Lightbox Module

For Inside single-sided, less than 6cm deep then please refer to our INDOOR lightbox Solution: Single SideLightbox- Nonwaterproof

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Our 4035W1B module is Specially developed for Single sided light-box (back lit) illumination whose depth is >60mm for single sided illumination.  For more information – click here: Spec sheet 4035W1B


At 60-80mm deep- 25 Modules per square Metre

At 80-100mm deep- 16 Modules per square Metre

Once you know how many Modules you need, Simply click here:LED to power pack spreedsheet to determine what size Power Supply you require to run the number of modules you require.

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