Unlocked 6Amps X 4Channel Program selectable LED Control system


An Unlocked High-End Quality RGB / RGBW Controller.  That means One RF remote talks to up to 4 controllers,(in zones), with a range of 20M.  The controllers themselves are 4 channel X 6 Amp and they talk to any other paired controllers – a further 10M each.  This means you can use an unlimited number of controllers with the one remote.  The system operates on 2.4GHz

You’ll appreciate the complete synchronization of color without hard wiring to a master control unit. Even when the Lighting is rolling, flashing, or random modes, which is very uncommon, and achieved by each unit talking to each other.

This Unlocked RGB Controller system has been designed with functionality in mind, so can be used as an RGB, or RGBW controller.  It can also be used as a dimmer or even used to control different zones (up to 4) separately.

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12 / 24 V DC

This RGB set comprises an RF Remote controller and separate control units ( the receivers) – due to the remote controller and the receivers all being unlocked,  More than one receiver can be linked in unison and each Controller unit has a max loading of 6 Amps per channel (4 channels).

The remote controller and the receivers are sold separately, so you can manage several separate circuits with one remote.

Uses RF (radio frequency), so no line of sight is necessary to operate it. This is ideal for most installs.

There is NO limit to the number of controllers that can be paired to this remote.

The system has many applications and can be used for:  RGB, RGBW, as a dimmer or as 4 separate zones all determined by the controller set up.

Specifications: Spec sheet LED Control gear

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