Products and Process for Cleaning Acrylic Blades for Efficient Light-Throw

Acrylic Machine Service

The best bet of LED is the Edge-lit lighting units, which use acrylic blades on top. The acrylic blades glow to give out an appealing look of the glass texture on the blades. The blades are vulnerable and demand proper, timely care. There are products available online that help you in the Process.

You need to acquire different acrylic machine service techniques to get the job done. There are various products and solutions available online, which will help you in giving different services respectively. In this article, you will know about some of the products and their role in providing service to acrylic blades.

Acrylic Cleaning Solution

This solution is the first and most commonly used solution of keeping your acrylic blades clean. However, to get the proper benefit out of this solution, you need to go through specific steps. The steps are:

  • Washing

    Use the solution on a dry cloth and wipe it on the acrylic clade’s surface. Mind it, use a soft cloth else you might end up scratching the acrylic glass. Do it by giving the light force of your palm. After you have done the wiping part now use a soft cloth to dry the glass.

  • Dusting

    When the glass is dry, use a damp or soft fabric for the dusting. Do not use dry or heavy clothes for the Process. It might scratch the glass.

Light and Heavy Acrylic Polish

You can use light or heavy polish depending upon the depth of the scratch. Heavy polish is capable of removing deep scratches and even sandpaper marks. Use a thin coat of polish on the surface and use a flannel to apply instead of cloth. The more time you polish the surface, the smoother it becomes. The scratches on the acrylic glass will heal as the particles of the heavy polish breaks down to fill them. After the polish is done, allow it to dry and then wipe off the dust particles using a soft cloth. You must use a coat of light polish after the heavy one to make a durable coat to create an anti-static layer. Generating an anti-static coating will prevent dust or chips to stick on the acrylic surface.

Stain and Spot Remover

You might experience some sticky substance on your acrylic blade, and it is giving out a bad light. For a better-LED experience, go for a stain and spot remover solution for acrylic blades. Most of the times, if any adhesive, wax, or silicone residue gets stuck on the blade, the light emission becomes low and weak. The solution that deals in removing stains and spots always comes with citrus ingredients. These ingredients make it safe if it comes in contact with your skin. The artwork on your acrylic must be clean to get an efficient light throw.

These are some of the techniques and types of products available in the market for a clean light throwing out of edge-lit coloured LED modules base. If you have a big Edge-lit unit at your place, then you can hire professionals for the acrylic blade cleaning service.