Things to Know About Colored LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

Everyone wants a catchy interior for their space, is it office or home. Light is one of the most important things that play a vital role in enhancing the look of your home. Bright and jubilant lights always catch the attention of the individuals. For a beautiful interior, you need to have brightness control of the space through lights.

Nowadays, people install varieties of lights domestically and commercially for enhancing the look of the space as well as brightened the space. Colored LED strips are now trending in the market as these are the versatile kinds of lighting. Also, the lights are available in a wide range of varieties. There is different kind of strip lights with varied characteristics, but some of the common characteristics are the same in all the strip lights. Such as:

  • A flexible circuit board having several LED emitters.
  • Available in many variable and fixed colors, also brightness.
  • Functions on DC power that is of low voltage.
  • Customizable to any length and shape.

The colored LED strip lights are 10-12mm in width and can be up to five meters in length. The length of the strip can be cut according to the requirement. The LED strips have double-sided adhesive at the back of the strip. The strips can be intact to any surface be it uneven or curved. The circuit board of the light is flexible The wattage rating does not determine the real light output of the strip lights as different strip lights have varied level of efficiency. The brightness of the strip lights dependent on the following factors:

  • Presence of LED numbers per foot.
  • The powers draw of the light.
  • Efficiency and light output per emitter.

The brightness of the colored strips is reflected in lumens per foot. The optimum brightness is 450 lumens per foot of the LED strip lights.

The color varieties

The strip lights are available in various colors and have varied brightness. The two primary kinds of colored strips are color changing and fixed the single color. The fixed color provides a single color light while the changing color strip provides different colors from a single strip. The most popular colors people use in their spaces are blue, red, and green channels. The LED strip lights are ideal for providing a theatrical lighting effect as well as a great accent.

The power draws of the light

The power draw system of the light determines the power consumption of the LED strip lights. Though strip lights consume less power, the power draw helps in determining the power cost. The density of the strip light is important for determining the distance of LEDs in the whole strip. So the LEDs should be evenly distributed on the entire strip.

The LED strip lights are controlled by LED control gear, which can withstand electrical stress to some extent. The increased use of LED strip lights makes the manufacturers develop new varieties of colored strip lights. These lights make the home beautiful and sophisticated.