Benefits of Installing LED Strip Lightning

Flexible LED Strips
  1. The most obvious one is that they are extremely cost effective to run.
  2. They are extremely reliable with between 30,000 and 50,000 hours use before the signs of age start to become significant- Unlight a globe, or floroscent tube, they dont blow out- They just glow less.
  3. They are smaller and more durable to handle that a glass globe
  4. The purcahse costs have come down signifcantly.  As example, a high quality 500mm strip that we used to buy, just 8 years ago, for $50.00 we now sell for just $16.50
  5. They are much more versatile that traditional lighting, available in a multitude of configurations allowing specialist effects that were impossible to imagine just a few years ago.LEDs-1.jpg

Where can You use the LED Strip lighting?

Also known as LED Tape or ribbon lights, these colourful options are becoming hugely popular for festivals, stage, display, signage and home use. Its this technology boom homeowners have accepted with open hearts.

Wondering what are the options to install your LED Strip lightning? Actually, when it comes to decorating your room or your house you can easily make it happen with little decorating ideas and knowledge about installing these lights. Waterproof LED Strip lighting can be used for a wide range of applications and since it is also found in RGB settings, they surely make the place colourful and adorable. Here are a few places where you can use the strip tapes:

  • Decorating your room.
  • Under cabinet Lightning.
  • Can be used to relight your building.
  • lighting your garden for entertaining.
  • Install the strips into your ceiling.
  • LED Outdoor patio strip lighting.
  • Install them in the bathroom to make it colourful.
  • Make your staircases glow with colourful strips.

Features of the LED Strip Lightning

Weather Resistant:

The LED Strip lights are available in various states of Waterproofness.  From NOT waterproof, all the way through to submursable.  We stock a variety and depending on their use, we will recommend the appropriate version. Completely waterproof and can be used indoor and in wet areas. You can decorate your aquarium with these lights, use them in the garden, enhance the outside walls of your shop and also for your office signage.

Easy to Control:

Most of the strips can be controlled by a remote. Therefore, whatever colour or effects you want to keep changing it from one place, without moving. Moreover, the strips are flexible, they can be cut to fit in a particular place and some can even be folded at a 90°Angle.

Different colours in one light:

With the RGB LED strips you can switch the colours to white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple etc, and adjust the brightness. There is also an option to control the effects, just click a button and switch on the effect.

How to protect the LEDs during Voltage Fluctuations?

Strip lighting can be purchased in to run directly from the AC power at the wall.  We do not and will not sell this product, but it is available.  It is also commonly sold as CC and CV.  CC refers to Constant Current, and CV refers to Constant voltage.  We only stock CC do have some advantages, but we believe that CV is much more widely understood, and dominates the market.  Then there are 5V, 12V and 24VDC CV available and all three have there place.  The higher the Voltage, (in general terms), the longer the single run, before Voltage drop becomes apparant.  12VDC is the bench mark, and by far the most widely available, and that is what we stock.  There are ways of dealing with this voltage drop that we can advise on, (once we know how they are being used)  at time of purchase.  Because a Driver is in place, when you are using 12VDC LEDs, they are automatically protected from variances in the AC power supply of the national grid.  – see our article on Drivers and transformers.  Or call us for advice and Price 07 5564 9930, or email us at: