Waterproof LED Strip light for Christmas Decoration

Waterproof LED Strip light

One of the prettiest experience during Christmas is the array of beautiful lights. Therefore, during Christmas, we look for the best decoration lamps in the market.Waterproof LED Strip light is a type of outdoor lights that are used in the office, shop, hotel, restaurant, coffee shop and more. Illuminating the streets, offices and shop during the Christmas became popular since 20th Century.

Innovation in technology has resulted in the invention of several modern decorating options, and the LED strips are surely a boon. Lights are always restricted to certain factors, but with this variety, you can be completely relaxed.

Features of  Waterproof LED Strip light

The most important feature when it comes to electrical lamps is safety. Using lights during a wet snowy season is surely risky. Here are a few features of Waterproof LED Strip light :

  • Completely Waterproof : Being waterproof these lights are an ideal option for outdoor and indoor lighting. These lights can give a breathtaking aura when you use it in the patio, as an outside decor or around the Christmas tree.
  • Discreet and stylish look : An LED Strip Light is a flexible circuit board that is populated with LEDs. These power lightings are flexible, available in various colours and are very bright. Therefore, it makes the festive season last longer.
  • A long Life Span : The expected lifespan of Waterproof LED Strip light is approximately 50, 000 hours. Moreover, these lights consume quite less amount of electricity. For every 50 cm, the approx power consumption is 2.4 to 3.6 watts.

Well, when you are presented with such options, surely this Christmas, it’s worth to consider Strip lights as an option for your Storefront, bar cum restaurant or maybe your hotel!

How will I Install the LED Strip Light?

Installing the LED strip lights before the Christmas celebration is quite simple and involves a few steps. It is best to ask an electrician to install and maintain it for you.

But in case you want to DIY, here is what you need to do :

  • Double check your lights before cutting
  • Measure the areas where you are going to use the LED Strips
  • Cut the strips into the length
  • Use optional connectors
  • Test and Verify before installation
  • Clean and attach the lights with 3M adhesive

Hurray! You are Done, all you have to do is simply TURN ON the Waterproof LED Strip light! Let it glow and send everyone the message of celebrating Christmas with humongous joy and safety !