Acrylic Care Products

Acrylic polish for commercial applications.

Sasign Light Polishing cream
For restoring Lustre to all plastic substrates

One of the most devastating things that can and do happen is scratching an acrylic sign either before or during the installation. That imperfection is accentuated when lit up.

It used to be very hard to find a suitable grinding paste for polishing out scratches and marks in Acrylic.  So hard that we commissioned a chemist to create one, and we ended up creating two.


This acrylic polish has a special compound that starts out coarse, and the longer it’s rubbed, the finer the abrasive gets.  It’s simply the best product on the market but it’s not available in any shop.  We call this product our Heavy compound Polish.


It is a finishing cream.  It’s actually our biggest seller and is used for the finishing work.  Yes, there are other products out there, but None of them was designed for and will polish as finely as this formula.  It is even used by some Acrylic fabricators instead of flame polishing.

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