Acrylic Edge Lighting Systems

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Acrylic Edge Lighting Systems

We manufacture 5 different types of Acrylic Lighting System. Our Acrylic Edge Lighting units are used extensively for commercial applications, and each has unique characteristics. The Standard Lighting unit is designed for acrylic 12mm thick, Our Mini Lighting unit and Round lighting unit are both designed for 10mm thick acrylic. Our unique Extruded Alluminium system for Acrylic Lighting Systems, are manufactured from 300mm long up to 3.2M long giving them great flexibility.

Every unit is manufactured in Australia and can be ceiling mounted, hung by S/S wire, used standing up, or wall mounted at 90 degrees. We stock a large range of LED color options, and every unit sold is supplied with an assembly kit. The assembly instructions are detailed in the ‘More Information’ tab. Our systems are all 12VDC, so no electrician is required. They simply plug in with the matched Austrilan Standrads complient wall adapter supplied.

We also stock battery powered and 12VDC Sale (POS) LED lighting units, designed for 3mm thick acrylic. Or, LED Edge-lit pegs, which are designed for acrylic sheet from 6 to 12mm thick. Both of these options are supplied in 4 different colors of LED, and can be purchased as a kit, to suit your specific needs.

When it comes to Acrylic Edge lighting systems, use one from Sasign. It does not matter which Edge lighting unit, POS Edge lighting units, or our LED stand off pegs, you choose. With 28 years experience, we are dedicated to ensuring that your sign is effective. Both as a sales tool, and cost wise. We know our product and can assist with advice and how to get the best results

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