Acrylic Edge Lighting Systems

Edge-lighting a sign brings it to life, in the same way as Neon, with sharp lines, brilliance, and contrast.

You will find our Edge-lit signage systems in thousands of commercial settings Nationwide.

Our signage systems have the advantage of being safe and efficient because we use special 12V LEDs as the lighting source.

As Australia’s ONLY One-stop-shop for Edge-lighting systems, we have 32 years of experience.  We sell raw Edge-lighting materials, Ready To Use (RTU) lighting systems, and completely RTU Edge-lit signage, including the artwork.

The production of edge-lit signs can involve various techniques and skillsets.  3D V carving with a router, Etching with a laser engraver, application of Vinyl, Spray painting, and Screen printing.

Edge-lit signs can be: Single-sided, Double-sided, standing, suspended, ceiling-mounted, employ pedestals, and wall-mounted.

We manufacture 3  Acrylic Edge-Lighting systems.  We also manufacture from concept to finished product.

Edge-lit extrusions

Each Acrylic Edge Lighting unit is designed for commercial applications, with its own unique characteristics.  All three styles can be from just 300mm long up to 3.2M long giving them great flexibility.

All 3 profiles are extruded in Australia from clean aluminum, which translates into strength and durability and testifies how we support Australian-made. They are available in Silver, Black or White powder coated.  Their use is almost endless because they can be ceiling mounted, suspended by S/S wire, used standing up, and wall-mounted – either flush or at 90 degrees.

12 LED color options to choose from, and supplied with an assembly kit and an Australian Standards compliant 12V LED Driver.  This means you won’t require an electrician at install – they are simply plugged into a switched pre-existing power outlet.

POS units

The  (POS) units are sold as either battery-powered or as plug-in units. They accept 3mm thick acrylic making them the ideal solution for table display, promotion, specifications, and branding.  Each POS unit is made from black ABS making them a very cost-effective solution with the choice of Red, white, blue or green LEDs

LED Pegs

We also stock brushed anodized aluminium LED Edge-lit pegs, They measure 25mm X 25mm and are used for wall-mounted signs.  LED edge-lit pegs are ideal for the likes of reception signage.  Our LED Edge-lit pegs are available with Red, White, Green or Blue LED lighting systems, and are very versatile because they accommodate acrylic from 6 to 12mm thick. They are sold as a kit, with Australian Standards Compliant LED Driver and all connections.

When it comes to  Edge lighting Acrylic, we have got a solution.  This link will take you to the Edge-lit gallery

Sasign International has been dedicated to supplying Edge-lighting products since 1991. We know Edge-lighting and are committed from inception to the finished product.

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