STANDARD Edge Lighting Unit

STANDARD Edge Lighting Unit

Dimensions: 89 mm high, 52 mm across (at the widest point), and up to 3200 mm in length.



The Standard Edge lighting unit is manufactured from extruded aluminum here in Australia. It uses a number of mated components to provide a clean quality look.  This complements the artwork, as well as providing structural integrity, and reliability.

The Standard Edge- lighting unit is designed to take acrylic blades 12 mm thick (or a combination of thinner blades to a total thickness of 12 mm).  Where the acrylic thickness is 10mm, we recommend the ‘Mini’ Lighting unit. For information on our Mini extrusion light units:  Click here

We have Mill finish which is suitable for Powder Coating, or painting.  Clear, Gold, and Chinese Gold Anodised finishes, Black, white, and a copper hammer look powder coat. Other colors by special order. This extrusion can be cut to tailor-make the lighting unit up to 3.2 meters long.


With 12 LED colors and a color-changing LED option, you can be very creative.  Our LEDs attract a 5 Year warranty because we designed them for reliability.

The brightness of the sign is also affected by several other factors:  The acrylic thickness, the amount of artwork fill, depth of router cut, and art color.   For large signs, we recommend dual lighting units.  We can advise the most appropriate way to achieve the desired results once we have discussed the project.


Each unit is shipped with an assembly kit for marrying the artwork to the lighting unit, and an Australian Safety Standards compliant LED Driver.

When we sell something, we service it too.  From the moment you approach us, we can help you through the process of making your sign.  From selecting the best Extrusion, Acrylic, LED color options, artwork, sign size, installation, and of course, if you are assembling the sign, an assembly guide.   If your sign impresses your customer, then its a safe bet, that you will be back.

Simply marry your artwork to the Edge-lighting unit, Hang it, and plug it in.  No electrician required.

Feet can be supplied for extra stability when being used standing. (please inform us at time of order).

All Edge- lighting units are manufactured in our Gold Coast Factory, inspected, and tested before being shipped.

Dimensions: 89 mm high, 52 mm across (at the widest point), and up to 3200 mm in length.

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Click here for our Assembly Guide:  3Edgelit assembly -PPP 200114

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