Rigid Strips

Rigid LED strips are the most reliable type you can buy.  Our strips have been manufactured to our specifications, in 2 factories, who we have strong relationships with.  We have been using these ourselves in our Acrylic Edge-lighting assemblies exclusively for over 13 years without fault.

SSLB Rigid strips from
for backlighting signage from just 4cm deep

We stock 3 ranges of Rigid LED strips. All are cuttable, and can be joined at 5cm intervals.  They are all manufactured from Fiberglass, for rigidity.

Our Superbright series has NO solder pads on the underside- that prevents short circuit. (a widely recognised problem in the flexible strip industry with heating and cooling (expanding and contracting).

Due to their length (500mm) verses a 5M roll or flexible strip lighting, they are also extremely cost effective for smaller projects.

Talk to us about your project and intended use, because we can advise the most appropriate LED lighting products.

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