LEDs for Lighting Signage

We migrated from Fluoro tubes (in our own specialist products), to LEDs in 2010. Our complete product range has been lit by LEDs since then. – 13+ years of working experience.


Being solid state means that our Modules are  more usable and more reliable than flexible strip LEDs for use in Signage.

Applications like Backlighting, Edge or side-lighting of light boxes, lighting Channel letters and other projects all require different characteristics from a module- we stock them all.

Modules are solid-state which translates to more reliability than flexible strip LEDs, and being connected by wires means they can be used around corners on the same plain for the likes of chanel letters.

Our FULL range of Modules:

 Specialist Light Box Modules and strips

Our first generation of Edge / Side-mounted lightbox Module for lighting light boxes was introduced in 2015, to allow double sided lightboxes to be lit. Oour current generation of edge, or side-mounted module is at the forefront of both performance and reliability.

The 4035W1B back lighting module can be used  as shallow as just 6cm deep WITHOUT HOT SPOTS.  That’s due to a special lense paired with a special chip resulting in clean consistent light across the surface. This module is ideal for retrofitting double sided lightboxs, where the internal infra structure (previously used to hold Fluoro tubes) can not be removed.

Channel letters and halo lighting

For lighting channel letters and creating halo effects.- 5 different light outputs:  24, 48. 72 and 120 Lumens

All modules are sold by the quantity required, NOT by the bag. That way you only pay for what you need.  Where possible – to simplify the installation, we pre-configure each LED harness before dispatch –  at no cost.

Strip lighting

For LED Strip lighting, LED modules, neon flex, Digital LED product ranges.  As the owner of this business, when you talk to us, you are talking to me, with 13 years working experience USING the products being offered to the market.

Rigid strips for reliability
Sign Lighting Australia stocks a range of LED products including Rigid strips for reliability

No matter what- You’ll want to invest in high quality strip lighting.  The better the quality, the more reliable, the more durable, the more efficient, the better colour render, and better satisfaction.

OUR LED Strip lighting

In a quest for reliability, our investment in LED technology means we have always been at the forefront.   Long-term relationship with our suppliers (From 2010) have resulted in better LED strip specifications across the whole LED industry.   Our input and innovations have not just been adopted by our suppliers, but also ‘their’ competitors.

Direct access to our extensive strip lighting range  can be found here:


We match your LEDs to a quality correctly matched LED Driver, with a 5-year warranty, so you can be assured that it’s done right, done once.

We are one of Australia’s leading suppliers of commercial-quality LED strips, Modules, and associated LED products.

Your peace of mind is a small cost versus buying online from a trader with no reputation to uphold.

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