If we cant stand behind it, we wont sell it

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How Edge – Lighting works in signage

Background Sign Lighting Australia was the first business to focus solely on Edge-lit signage. We introduced it in 1992. The ‘Standard’ Ex...

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LED terminology

When it comes to LED terminology, there are a number of terms that are used.  Some are common and some are not, but, if you want to buy wisely, t...

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How RGB LEDs work and the Benefits ?

RGB LEDs explained.  Firstly,  RGB stands for Red, Blue, Green, and that configuration can be delivered in one of two ways.  Either a t...

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The Ultimate floating shelf bracket

Sign Lighting Australia manufactures the Floating shelf bracket branded as the Anchor – It is Australia’s strongest and cleanest Cantileve...

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LED Modules or Led Strips Lights

LED strips & modules – which are better? LED strips verses modules. Which is better?  By now, I’m going to assume that you are alread...