LED Colour Control (Analogue)

We stock a comprehensive range of Colour changing LED Controller (Analogue) catering to most applications.  Before recommending the most suitable product, there are a few things to consider.  We know hat they should be so welcome helping you to select the most appropriate product.

RGB (Red, Green, Blue) control units have 4 dedicated connections.  One for Positive power feed and three negative connections- One for each colour. By varying the power to each of the three circuits, all single colour chips within the LED will all change colour together.

Controllers vary by load capacity, the number of sequences, colour increments, dimming control, and on/off functionality.

the master control can be wall-mounted or talk to the slave by RF, WiFi, Bluetooth, and infrared.

They can be used in conjunction with Amplifiers to eliminate voltage-drop on long circuits (in series).

Colour changing LED Controller (analogue) can also be open/or closed, meaning that one remote can be locked to one controller, or operate several in unison.

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