LED CONTROLLER- Locked MINI Waterproof

LED CONTROLLER- Locked MINI Waterproof

Waterproof Mini RGB Controller- High End



Our Waterproof Mini RGB Controller is new to the market and full of features.  Its taken us several years but we have done it.  A powerful, packed with features, reliable and waterproof LED controller.

The controller measures just 87mm long, 21mm wide, and is just 8.5mm high, so it can be discretely hidden in places no other unit can be used.  We use it in ALL of our RGB lit  Edge-lighting units because its a winner, and we can now hide the unit inside the lighting unit with total confidence in its reliability.

It is designed for 5 to 24VDC and 5 Amps per channel X 3 channels.  It is completely waterproof (IP68), so can be used anywhere, even completely submerged in water.

Designed for use with our  IP 67 RGB Flexible strip lighting.

Our remote features 43 preset sequences, dimming, speed adjustment, 30 separate colors.  It can be used up to 10M away from the edge-lit sign, or 15M distance when not shrouded.

Of course, our Waterproof Mini RGB Controller is supported by our comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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5-24V DC

Capable of 15Amps load – 5A  per channel X 3 channels

RGB- can also be used with our waterproof amplifiers for additional current loading.

Mini control unit- 43 Modes, 10 levels, 30 set colors

IP67 (waterproof)

Size(mm 87 x 21 x 8.5) .

For our range and specifications: Spec sheet LED Control gear



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