Sign Manufacture

In the field of acrylic Edge-lit Sign Manufacture, Sign Lighting Australia  has been supplying the Australian Sign, display, and shop-fitting industries with Acrylic Edge-lighting systems since 1991.

Acrylic Edge lit units
A Range of Acrylic Edge Lighting assemblies manufactured by Sign Lighting Australia

We also manufacture finished, Ready to install Edge-lit Signage, as a complete back of shop service.  We can handle “one off” specials to complete franchise rebranding exercises.  Chemart and Hungry Jacks to name just 2.  There are thousands of our Edge-lit signs in every corner of retail Australia.

Edge-lit sign manufacture
Full Edge-lit sign service including sign manufacture

With a dedicated team, and specialist machinery, other project work can also be completed.  Whether it involves LEDs, or Acrylic, or both, from concept, design, and manufacture.

Based on the Gold Coast, we are a national supplier- providing an Australia wide service.

We provide a complete One stop shop for everything Edge-lighting, including Ready to install  Sign Manufacture.

This will result in saving you on time, training, capital equipment, holding costs, and overheads.

You won’t need to outsource the artwork to one supplier, while we supply the lighting unit.   You wont need to marry the two together, risking damage, reputation, and pride.  We can provide you with a complete back of shop service while you get on marketing the front end of your business.

We welcome everything from one off sign manufacture, production runs, and ongoing contracted franchise upgrades.

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