When you dont have the expertise, or product to light your project- come talk to us.


We are a specialist LED lighting supplier with over 10 years of experience in LED supply as well as LED project work.  Our diverse range of LEDs and associated products, specialist skills, and equipment help us to meet the requirements of most lighting projects.  Pre-wiring LED harnesses and developing solutions to make installs quick and easy is just a sample of who we are and what we do.

People come to us from all over Australia, with all sorts of projects, and the odd problem too.  They walk away with smiles.  People like Caravaners, Home hobbyists, builders, craftspeople, boaties, business owners, architects, cabinet makers, and even pontoon manufacturers.  All examples of people we’ve worked for.

Below are some Examples of Project work we have delivered


  • developed an edge-lighting system for a Rubic’s cube, 3 Square meters in size, located in Coomera, for QLD Education
  • manufactured various one-off lighting solutions for different art pieces for Glass Expressions
  • Supplied Ceasers Wine Cellars with back-lit wall panels,  used in their wine cellars
  • developed a light defuser for lighting acrylic shelves used with Anchor Shelf brackets
  • retrofitted LED lighting to the Freezers – one of several IGA projects
  • supplied the specialist RGB lighting for the Sydney Novatel conference room.- over 250 Meters of RGB bars suspended inside cubes.
  • supplied thousands of pre-wired LED harnesses used to illuminate bank ATMs, so when you use an ATM, the chances are that we illuminated it.
  • have ongoing supply arrangements with factories providing linear lighting, so that their machines are safer to operate.
  • supplied the refurbished Newcastle hospital children’s ward with their corridor lighting which resulted in an uplifting ambiance.
  • Supplied train carriage lighting to Kuranda
  • supplied checkout signage for various IGA’s
  • supplied fascia lighting for Connors shopfronts, Various Shopping centre refits, including The Pines and Monterey Keys
  • EOS Australia stand manufacture
  • McCools bar – manufacture of 19M Green lighting
  • Brisbane Night Club lighting
  • Ongoing supply of Laser machined Acrylic panels for National scientific research projects

Don’t let our sample of larger projects scare you because we actually love the small jobs too- the one-off stuff.  If you need something unique, the stand-alone- that’s us.

We carry a large range of LED products, LED controllers, and LED Drivers, and we have the specialist tools, and necessary skills to assemble it all for you.  If we don’t have the necessary components on the shelf, we also have access to a number of trusted business partners that manufacture components for us.  That means we can source what we need to satisfy the LED project requirements.

For examples of some project work, click here to our Gallery