When you dont have the expertise, or product to light your project- come talk to us.


All our work could be classified as an LED lighting Project.

  • We came up with a solution for lighting the Rubic cube
  • We came up with a solution for lighting Glass artwork for Glass Expressions: Glass Expressions
  • We supply Ceasers Wine Cellars with lighting for their wine cellars: Caesars wine cellars
  • We came up with a solution for lighting shelves, for the Achor Shelf bracket: Anchor shelf bracket
  • We supplied LED lighting for IGA Freezers
  • We supplied the extensive Ceiling light system for the Novatel.

We will work with you to save you money.  With hundreds of LED lighting Project under our belt, you should talk to us.  If you need something unique, thats great because we like the one off stuff.  The unique.  The stand alone.  When we dont have the solution, we still have direct access to a number of factories that manufacture components for us.  If appropriate, and possible, we will source what you need so that we still satisfy the project requirements.

We carry a wide array of LED configurations, control gear and power supplies, and have the tools, and neccessary skill sets to put it all together.

For some examples of our work, take a look at our gallery: Gallery

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