Digital LED Products

Digital Colour Changing LEDs are different to analogue colour changing LEDs in their function.

Each LED (or group of) works independantly from the rest.  This is achieved with a Program fed down a data line from the digital controller to addressable microprocessors. The microprocessors are dedicated to either one, or a group of LEDs which creates the chasing of the lights, and an array of lighting effects.

Digital RGB strip lighting
Digital LED products available from Sign Lighting Australia

Digital Colour Changing LEDs usually have 3 wires or solder pads.  A positive power feed+ wire, A negative wire –  and a third ‘DATA’ wire, which is directional.

Analogue RGB lighting LEDs all change colour in unison and can be found here-Analogue RGB

There are several different size RGB LED chips on the market. The same chip can be used for both digital and analogue use.  The 5050 LED is still the most widely used. RGB LEDs have 3 connections on opposite sides of the LED.  2 connections (in-out) for each colour: RED, BLUE, GREEN.

We stock both Digital LED flexible strip lighting and nodes/bullets as they are commonly referred to, and matched Controllers, because Not all Digital controllers will work all LED RGB Digital Products. The microprocessor and the controller must employ the same protocol which is why you should purchase from a reputable seller

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