LED Modules

LED Modules are primarily used to back-light signage.

Split into: single, and double-sided light boxes, channel letters, and also halo lighting.  We stock products catering to all three requirements.

LED Modules are inherently more reliable than strip lighting due to their structural integrity.

Using only the best chips, Osram, and Epistar, the light output (both brilliance and CRI) versus power consumption is high, whilst still retaining a slow light degradation curve, over the 50,000-hour lifespan. (17 years at 8hrs per day).

All are sourced from one supplier, who we have sourced from since 2013.  The quality is outstanding, allowing us to provide an Australia backed 5 year’s warranty.

Our modules can be matched to the most appropriate sized Waterproof Driver as a kit.  Configured, hard soldered Prewired, ready for installation.


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