LED Drivers

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LED Drivers

LED Drivers are often called different things:  Power Supply, Driver, Transformer, Wall adapter. As long as your power supply is the ‘switching’ type it can be used as an LED Driver.

LED Drivers have one unique feature that distinguishes them from a transformer. That feature is that it switches off (electronically) if the load exceeds its capacity. When load is increased, voltage drops.

Rather than drop below a defined voltage, the Driver will switch off, and then back on once the load falls to within capacity. This is why an overloaded LED circuit of will flash off and on.

There are also two types of LED- those that require Constant Voltage (CV) and those that require Constant Current (CC). We stock and sell 12VDC CV Drivers and LED Control gear across our entire range of LEDs.


We recommend never loading a Driver at more than 85% of its capacity. This is because heat creates electrical resistance. Resistance requires more current, and the 15% safety margin should prevent overloading, but beware. An LED Driver can operate at above 60 degrees Celsius. Way above what is comfortable or safe to handle, so heat sinking, or using in a ventilated space etc are always recommended.

There are a number of other features available on Drivers that can be added at a cost, to improve their characteristics, but they are usually specific to a requirement like non flickering dimming etc.


Our switching type Wall adapters attract twice the industry standard warranty, with a simple and full replacement policy of 24 months from purchase date.   All other electronic components, including our Sasign Branded Waterproof LED Drivers are offered with a full three year replacement warranty.

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