Led Controllers

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Led Controllers

Why you should buy your LED controllers and dimmers from Sasign.

There are so many clones and knock offs available online that just dont perform the way you expect- and we replace them regularly.

Sasign International works closely with its primary suppliers to deliver a range of genuine products for most LED installs.  If we dont stock it, they usually do, so we can ensure your system has the attributes that you are looking for.

Before you start, there are a number of different specification requirements that should be considered when buying control gear.  This is an area, where most people get it wrong:

Do you want IF, RF, Wifi or hard wired LED controller ? Ask us to explain the differences

Do you want / need a waterproof LED Controller?  where is the install?

Do you know what the current draw and voltage of the circuit is?

Do you want to control zones, or just one circuit?

Is your circuit single colored or RGB?

You dont need to be a technical genious.  We will ask you the right questions so that we recommend the best solution for your install.  We will even provide you with installation drawings etc.

Sasign’s range of LED Controllers allow us to ensure that the system we sell you is the right set up for your desired use.

Our strip lighting is also manufactured to our specifications which we purchase directly from the factory, and if you buy it from us, You might pay a little more, but the cost will be returned with a genuine 3 year warranty, and years of trouble free use.

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