Waterproof WiFi RGB Controller- High End



An LED Control Unit – Waterproof…  and its Wifi as well, so never lose a remote again!  No remote is required- just a smartphone or notebook operating on an android or IOS platform.  Then download the free application from the net.

At Sign Lighting Australia, we innovate.  No one manufactured one, and we had ongoing inquiries, so we spoke with our supplier and manufactured one for use with our IP 67 RGB-rated LED products

20 pre-set sequences, Programmable sequencing, dimming, speed adjustment, and Security are all built-in.  It was this unit we installed at the Southport Yacht club floating bar.  Which is controlled by Ipad from inside the building.

Several LED Control Units – Waterproof can all be run through the same application at the same time.  The application ‘Magic Home’ is downloadable from either the apple shop or Google Play store for free.

Additional Information

12 / 24V

4A per channel X 3 channels: RGB- can also be used with our waterproof amplifiers for additional current loading.

WiFi control unit

IP67 (waterproof)

Size(mm 120* 45* 30) .

Software downloads:

Magic Home for Android 

Magic Home for IOS (Apple)

For Controller specifications: CONTROL GEAR SPEC SHEET SLA

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