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DIMMER CONTROL UNIT – Rated to 25 Amps

Unlocked 25Amp single chanel LED Control system


A Powerful LED Dimmer Control Unit supplied unlocked, but lockable.  This High-End Dimmer has Remote RF functionality, which means it can be used up to 20M away without direct line of sight.  The controller is rated up to 25 Amp on a Single channel.  The RF remote unit can be linked to either one controller (closed) or paired to any number of controllers (Open).  This means you can use an unlimited number of controllers with the one remote.  It operates at 2.4GHz frequency.

Using the latest ‘mesh’ technology, when grouped in parrellel, it provides complete synchronization of dimming without hard wiring to a master control unit.  They talk to each other.  It is designed with functionality in mind. This Powerful LED Dimmer Control Unit can be used with either 12 or 24V Constant Voltage LED Drivers and LEDs.  We stock a range of Australian standards compliant Waterproof Power Supplies which are compatible with this Dimmer unit.

For small projects with low load that do not require the features on offer here, refer to our rotary manual unit, which is rated at 2 Amps.

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