12V / 24V RGB 4Amp X 3 Channel Waterproof Amplifier


What do RGB amplifiers do?

RGB Amplifiers reduces voltage drop, and circuit overload, including on the controller.

How is it connected?

It is connected at the end of the first strip of LEDs, and connected to the start of the next line of LEDs in seriesHowever, it is also connected directly to a power supply in parallel.

How does it work?

Amplifiers use the output signal from the first strip of LEDs, but not the current. It applies that signal to the next strip of LEDs, allowing current flow from an independent source for the next strip- ie- the load is NOT applied to the first strip, but directly from a clean power supply.  The process can be duplicated again and again, for long RGB installations controlled by one control unit

amplifier schematic by SASIGN

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Sasign RGB amplifiers are also Waterproof

The benefits of using Amplifiers:

The load on the RGB controller is reduced so it is less prone to failure.

Voltage drop is reduced which translates to consistent brightness along the whole circuit.

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IP 67 – Waterproof – max loading of 4 Amps per channel (3 channels).

Specifications:  Spec sheet dimmers

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