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The Wall Adaptors are LED friendly, and 1 of 4 styles of 12 Volt DC electronically regulated power supply that we stock.  We also stock switching type Inline, Caged, and Waterproof Power Supplies that are also designed to be used with LEDs.  All Power Supplies /Adapters/Transformers sold by us comply with the Australian Safety Standard.  All are suitable for use with our 12 Volts LED range, and when we sell you LED products, we will match your purchase to the most suited Power Supply.

Our range of Power Supply – Wall Adaptors are all rated at a specific current draw. This denotes their max performance but they work most efficiently when loaded at between 75-85% of their rated current draw. They are NOT designed to work at full load continuously. If overloaded, they will overheat, and switch themselves off.

Power Supply – Wall Adaptors are for indoor use only.  Each unit plugs directly into the 230V Wall socket and is supplied with a 1M long 12VDC Power cable and  5.5mm X 9.1mm REVERSABLE female plug.  We also stock a 90-degree interchangeable plug.

When you purchase any LEDs from us, we will also advise on the most suitable Driver.  For access to our LED range- please click here: LED strips and Modules

Specifications: LED to power pack spreedsheet

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